Book Review: Grieving the Loss of Your Horse: How to Survive the Journey

by Rebecca Cagle, BS, CAPLC, Professional Equestrian Life Coach

Reviewed by
Laurie Loveman

Available in Kindle format at and by contacting the author at

The words in this short book are the words you need to hear in the aftermath of tragedy. Grieving the Loss of Your Horse is easily read in less than an hour, and that means you have Rebecca Cagle’s caring, yet down-to-earth message to take to heart over and over, whenever you feel the need.

Cagle’s message is this: It is okay and natural to grieve over the loss of a beloved equine friend. She helps everyone involved in the loss of a horse, whether it be the owner, family members, other horse owners or caring members of a community, to understand the sorrow and to know how to help the mourner—what to do and just as important—what not to do.

I highly recommend keeping a copy of Grieving the Loss of Your Horse on hand. Hopefully you will never have to apply the lessons learned in this book, but should the need arise, your answers will be here.

Reviewed by Laurie Loveman
Author of the Firehouse Family Series of mysteries


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